Welcome to Sandpiper Press LLC

Sandpiper Press LLC is dedicated to publishing and providing unique, value-added educational materials in the area of human development. Our primary goal is to provide parents, caregivers and educators with actionable information for promoting the cognitive development, motor skills and emotional well-being of babies, toddlers and younger children based upon insights derived from the latest scientific research and time-tested educational and childrearing principles. Our activities include producing books and educational materials as well as providing consulting services and seminars in our areas of expertise. Our publications fall into three general categories:

Books and materials providing clear, concise and practical guidance for seeking to promote cognitive and emotional development in their children.

Children's books designed to supplement our parenting materials.

Educational titles in select other fields of specialized knowledge.

We at Sandpiper Press are dedicated to creating and publishing educational materials that enable people of all ages to better reach their potential, pursue their interests and understand the world around them.